Phoebe Buffay Best Comebacks

Infinite list of favorite olicity moments → 2x09, Three Ghosts.

↳ Even the arrow deserves a Christmas present.


emma swan +being a cutie


Once Upon a Time - scenery + magic

Jennifer Morrison on OUAT set


not gonna lie, this is my favorite SassyHorowitz tweet


I don’t know about you but I find these two scenes quite alike. 

Anonymous: Hey. I thought of u when I heard Hook getting a change. How it would symbolic when the time is right and when he gets with Emma.


Yep, I’ve always said that Killian changing his clothes would be symbolic of his love for Emma and part of the journey of joining her family.

It came in stages: first, giving up revenge, then giving up his ship, and next will be giving up his pirate clothes.

It’s not to erase his identity as a pirate and all he’s been through, but rather integrate with the life he’s chosen. Fact is, he gave up piracy a long time ago—pretty much right after Milah died. He became a pirate to avenge his brother, and he became a villain to avenge Milah, and now he’s become a hero to honor Emma.

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Perfect Pirate Prince being perfect

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